Strategy describes how organizations navigate to improve performance: how they delineate a destination, set priorities, allocate resources, and measure progress. 

Strategy is often dictated from above, developed without a balanced internal/external perspective, and constrained by short-term budgets. Here's a typical process view: 


We've found a better way, one that incorporates broader inputs, and leads to a more strategic perspective:

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Through our strategic development process,
we help clients:

  • assess their competitive position and landscape
  • articulate a vision and purpose
  • formulate strategies, making practical choices
  • link strategies to concrete performance metrics and action plans
  • align roles and systems
  • implement programs
  • measure progress, interpret results, course-correct

Deliverables typically include:

  • competitive, financial, and organizational analyses
  • a strategy and set of implementation plans that will improve performance
  • concise performance metrics
  • a common language, and a structured process for monitoring and interpreting results.